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Info & Help for how to use my homepage and tranlations!


Translations of those finnish headlines comes here at the same order.

Etusivu : Front page

Kuvagalleria : Photo gallery

Blogi : Blog

Vieraskirja : Guestbook

Keskutelufoorumi : Chatforum


Here is some information about how you can leave comments, thoughst, opinions or ideas on chatforum, guestbook, photo gallery and blog and every where can put your things up. There is some calculation question that you have to do before you can leave your comments. Those calculations are simple additions (plus = +) and subtractions (miinus = -). "Paljonko on" means in english "how much is". And numbers are in finnish there so i will put those numbers translated in here. But you can answer with just pressing number buttons. This question are just spam protection or in finnish roskapostisuojaus. There is also wanted firstly your nickname (nimi) and comments (kommentit) and till the click your mouse on the kommentoi = comment button. Numbers 1-5 means just that evaluation scale 1 to be worst and 5 best. In the end you need to click kommentoi = comment and your comment will be there. These was information of photo gallery commenting.

Now i tell information about commenting in blog. First you need to click kommentoi = comment. Then there opens box which says kommentti = comment and there you write your comment. And then you need put there your nickname place called kirjoittaja in finnish. Then you can put there yours sähköposti = e-mail and kotisivu = home page, but those are not necessary put there it is your own choice that do you want to put those details of yourself in there. And in the end is again this roskapostisuojaus = spam protection where you need calculate like i told above. In the end you need to click kommentoi = comment and your comment will be there.

Then to guestbook. If you want leave your comment there then you need first to click kirjoita = write. Then there is nimi = nickname, kotisivu = home page and sähköposti = e-mail. Next is box called kommentit = comments. And in the end you need to calculate. And finally jus click kirjoita = write and your comment will be there. Or if you want delete your message click tyhjennä = emptying and comment box will be empty.

And finally chatforum information. First you need to click title of subject that you want read and comment. Then there can be several subject, select what you want and click it. Then you need to click vastaa tähän = answer this. First put your name (nimi) then your e-mail, home page or link if you want. Then you need to write your comment on box viesti = message. Then you need to calculate and then click lähetä = send or if want check your message before sending you can click esikatsele = prewiew. So now you have put your comment on there.


I hope these all advises were helpful to all of you. More advise you can get just by send me your problem to guestbook or chatforum.


Numbers translated:

yksi = one (1)

kaksi = two (2)

kolme = three (3)

neljä = four (4)

viisi = five (5)

kuusi = six (6)

seitsemän = seven (7)

kahdeksan = eight (8)

yhdeksän = nine (9)

kymmenen = ten (10)

yksitoista = eleven (11)

kaksitoista = twelwe (12)

kolmetoista = thirteen (13)

neljätoista = fourteen (14)

viisitoista = fifteen (15)

kuusitoista = sixteen (16)

seitsemäntoista = seventeen (17)

kahdeksantoista = eighteen (18)

yhdeksäntoista = nineteen (19)

kaksikymmentä = twenty (20)


There is in blog that little calendar right upper corner where you can find my older blog writings. You just have choose right month and day. Here is months translated in english:

Tammikuu = January

Helmikuu = February

Maaliskuu = March

Huhtikuu = April

Toukokuu = May

Kesäkuu = June

Heinäkuu = July

Elokuu = August

Syyskuu = September

Lokakuu = October

Marraskuu = November

Joulukuu = December

and rest you can translate with, link is on the frontpage.


Thank you and enjoy! :)


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