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JAKE'S WORLD - from Finland with love, thought, passion & care!


Place to enjoy, spend time, conversations and find fact information also sharing of information!


Warmly welcome all of you to Jake's World! Tervetuloa lämpimästi kaikille Jake's Worldiin!


Main subjects of the page are nature, environment, animals, society, human rights, science, entertainment, art and culture. Sivuston pääaiheet ovat luonto, ympäristö, eläimet, yhteiskunta, ihmisoikeudet, tiede, viihde, taide ja kulttuuri.


A view from Kukkura, area of Lintharju, Suonenjoki autumn 2012. Maisema Kukkuralta, Lintharjun alueelta Suonenjoelta syksyllä 2012.

More things to watch, read and talk can be found just by clicking Finland's flag. So it is ok to use english on this site as well, just remember to be polite and behave nice way. And that blog has been writed in both finnish and english.


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Link about Redpanda, site where everyone can also help this cute little animal to survive:



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Wild strawberries from summer 2014 and from Suonenjoki!


Links about the most biggest show event on the world and my personal favourite show and high point of every year, Eurovision Song Contest:


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Thank you very much for visiting in my site! You're very warmly welcome back in anytime you want! Peace, love, respect, hope, humanity, rights, equality, diversity & conservation of nature! Spice up your life and let your heart go on! Let all the colours of the world shine bright! Save & protect the earth! :) Jake @Jake's World Since 2013
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